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Jim Lyons ( Hey, That's me!) , Tom Pace and Robert “BO” Haffner used to get together on Friday evenings and play music borne out of the pure frustration of their respective lack of Love lives. The would occasionally play at Annabel’s in Highland Square, never being asked to do so, they would simply (?)  persuade an unsuspecting band ( the first to fall for it was the “Maytag Repairmen” ) to let them take the stage during the band’s break and play a song, usually a ripping instrumental that would leave the audience dazed and astonished while Jim, Tom and Bo slipped out the door and the crowd tried to answer the questions “ What the Hell was that?” and “Who were those guys?” .  One night at Satchmo’s, they were joined by the recently dumped and soon to be Doctor Drew McIntosh, where when they were presented with a paper tablecloth and some crayons, they promptly wrote a song titled “ My Baby left me, so I Dumped her on the Spot.” Realizing the songs hit potential, they promptly left for Annabel’s to perform it. The Crowd went wild, and demanded to the Management they must return to play a full gig there. They would have been hired on the Spot, except for the fact they had no name and collectively knew no other songs. A Friend , Dave “Tate” Stephenson heard the guys play, laughed uncontrollably, and begged to join the Band. As their first official act, the band voted a resounding No, then they settled on the name “ Screaming Caucasians” but soon found that there was already a band with that name in Chicago. They played a Fateful Gig at the Daily Double in Akron as “Klearly Kank” where Tate, klearly ignoring the vote against him, obstinately showed and setup on stage and played along anyway, dragging his cousin along with an 8 track mobile unit to record the show for future legal entanglements involving the rights and royalties of the Band.


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